A Pact of Gold

Observance Interrupted

After accepting Bren ir’Gadden’s invitation, you ended up at an observance ceremony for the Day of Mourning. The ceremony had barely begun when a foul demon shrouded in a dead-gray mist attacks, attempting to kill as many of the civilians present as possible.

After defeating this demon you tracked it’s origin from high in the tower tops of Sharn down to the roots of these same towers. At the base of Dalannan Tower, in a residential Ward called Center Bridge you find a townhouse belonging to the Blacktree family, which appears to be the origin of the demon you faced above. Just what has Aric been up to in the four years since you saw him last?

Stepping inside you discovered the townhouse’s occupants had long since given up on repairs and cleaning. After dispatching the four dolgrim (whose game of cards was sadly never to be finished) and two shifters on the ground floor, you headed upstairs and discovered exactly what Aric had been working on. Spread around the room was a large eldritch machine, guarded by a dolgaunt and two terrified changelings.

With a crack like thunder the machine sprang to life, shaking the earth beneath your feet as it hummed with necrotic energies. Despite the dolgaunts best efforts you manage to disable the machine, stabilising the earth beneath your feet. In the process you manage to capture one of the shapeshifters, though the other escaped the building before you could pursue them.

Taking a moment to search the room you manage to salvage a range of treasure from the machine, along with a few notes from the table in one corner of the room. Though the note is written in a strange code which seems to writhe before your eyes, you also find notes and scrolls to do with the eldritch machine. In particular you find a scroll of Earth Tremor and a scroll of Raise Undead, along with notes on how these were to be combined in the machine’s workings.

Now that the rumble of the machine has stilled, you can hear faint voices coming from the street below. It appears that members of the public have noted the end to the earthquakes and curiosity has drawn them to the Blacktree home…


NatoJosh NatoJosh

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