A Pact of Gold

Flight and Fight

The rousing defeat of Aric

After thwartingAric’s plans to bring the Menthis Plateau down on top of the residents of Sharn you accepted the offer of a lift from the lower sections of Sharn to the towering heights, where the Sharn Council were waiting to meet you.

Part way through your flight Aric and a group of dolgrims darted out from between the towers around you, riding on disks of magical energy. The resulting battle saw the defeat of Aric as he tumbled to the ground far below, soon followed by his dolgrim thugs.

The Sharn Council thanked you for your efforts and have covered one month’s rent in Sharn as thanks. An Adventurer’s life is never still however, the very next day saw you out shopping and tracking down further work for the party. What will become of your new affiliation with Adventure Unlimited?


NatoJosh NatoJosh

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